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Welcome to I'm Brian MacIntosh, and I am a game programmer in the Orange County area of Southern California. This site serves to host and distribute some of my games and my blog, below.

I have developed games and apps for the XBox 360, Windows PC, iPad, Amazon Alexa, and Windows 7 Phone. I'm particularly interesting in procedural generation, pixel art, and emergent gameplay, and I'm looking forward to developing more games with these technologies.

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Ludum Dare #30 Results

September 17th, 2014 @ 11:48
Tags: ludum dare, space transport tycoon, game jam

Results for the past weeks' Ludum Dare judging are in! While we knew we had made a game that was ill-suited to the judging style of the Ludum Dare, in which people have to play and judge a lot of games in a short time period, there were definitely some who really enjoyed the complexity and took time to learn the game.

Silver MedalCoolness84%

I played some other really cool games while I was judging. Here are a few that I stumbled across:


Space Transport Tycoon

August 25th, 2014 @ 11:09
Tags: ludum dare, space transport tycoon, html5, threejs, javascript

And the game is done as of last night. I think this one went well, considering Justin didn't stop playing it for 4 hours after we finished.

It's a space economy simulation game. You the player must build a network of trading routes to move materials to factories and consumers.

Play in your browser!

Space Transport Tycoon

Space Transport Tycoon screenshot


Ludum Dare 30 Go Time

August 23rd, 2014 @ 11:13
Tags: ludum dare, html5, threejs, javascript

Just starting the first real day of coding for the 30th Ludum Dare. I started off this jam thinking of making some kind of simulation game - something where you, in a relatively low-pressure environment, could build up a system or a network and watch it do its work, like SimCity.

Justin and I had a short brainstorming session when the theme - Connected Worlds - was announced. They say to never go with your first idea - however, after considering two-screen tower-defense games, games where dinosaurs are attacking the modern world, games with constellations (I really liked that one and I hope some other people do it), and meeting Kevin Bacon, we eventually went with just that. This will be a game where you build up an interstellar shipping empire, moving goods between planets.

I also wanted to try to make use of multiple windows or views, and that goes well with theme. We're pretty sure we know what we are going to do with them. Early screenshot:

Ludum Dare 30 screenshot


Some Pixel Art

August 03rd, 2014 @ 20:31
Tags: art, random

Indiana Jones-themed pixel art. Maybe a game, some day?

Pixel art of a truck and workers


Ludum Dare #29 Results

May 19th, 2014 @ 23:37
Tags: ludum dare, legend of the thunder fish, game jam

The results are in from Ludum Dare #29. Fun being probably the most important category to me, I am quite happy with my rankings. I'm definitely improving over my scores from the last two jams, and I was happier with the game as well. The Dare had a record-breaking 2497 submissions this year.

Silver MedalCoolness82%

During the judging period, I played 60-something games. You can find lots of "best-of" lists around - here are the best games I happened to play.


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