Helicopter Matador of Death

HMoD screenshot

HMoD screenshot


48-hour Game Jam version (there will be bugs):
Download (Windows, 4.0 MB)

HelicopterDEATH.exe needs to be allowed through your firewall if you want to host a networked game.


Helicopter Matador of Death is a game of competitive arena fun for up to four players. You play as a matador in an arena full of angry helicopters. Survive to be the last player standing by using all your dodging and matador-ing skills!

Helicopter Matador of Death supports online play! However, we recommend you fetch some friends nearby and play a local match because the game will be much more stable.

The game was developed by Brian MacIntosh and Chris Nelson over a 48-hour period based on a name chosen at random from a list of names generated from videogamena.me.


Created By
Brian MacIntosh
Chris Nelson

Additional Art By
George Wang

Music By

Special thanks to videogamena.me, sfxr, Sam Lantinga, Bryan Chandler

Comments, bug reports, questions? forms@brianmacintosh.com