Flatricide Pulgamitude

Flatricide Pulgamitude screenshot

Flatricide Pulgamitude screenshot


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Flatricide Pulgamitude is a game about building and exploring an abstract world. Users can draw tiles as they wander about the world, creating their own structures that others who follow after them can see. It's simple yet entertaining even for me - I never know what I'm going to find.

Why the strange name? Flatricide Pulgamitude is attempting to compete in a class competition to have the top Google result for the term. If you like it, please share on your blog or Twitter feed!

Flatricide Pulgamitude is made with HTML5 technology using three.js.


Created by Brian MacIntosh.

xmlhttprequest wrapper by Sergey Ilinski (github.com/ilinsky/xmlhttprequest")

three.js - Javascript 3D Library

Title credit: Donald Patterson, UCI

Testing: UCI Video Game Development Club

Comments, bug reports, questions? forms@brianmacintosh.com