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Space Invaders

Space Invaders screenshot

Space Invaders screenshot


This game can only be run on Windows systems and requires DirectX 9.0c, which may or may not be already installed on a Windows computer.

Download Space Invaders (Full game and source) - (zip, 3.04 MB)

DISCLAIMER: The code for this program is absolutely horrendous. I mean it's really, really bad. Don't download it expecting to find anything useful or informative! It might make a good example of how not to write a program, though.


The classic. Need I say more?

This clone was made in DarkBASIC Pro for The Game Creators' Space Invaders Challenge to recreate Space Invaders with no media and using as few characters of code as possible. Because of this, it is missing a few of the subtler features.


Created by Brian MacIntosh.

Comments, bug reports, questions? Send 'em over! forms@brianmacintosh.com