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Unterseeboot screenshot

Unterseeboot screenshot


This game can only be run on Windows systems and requires DirectX 9.0c, which may or may not be already installed on a Windows computer.

Download Unterseeboot (Game) - (zip, 2.93 MB)

Updated 12/12/10 - Now with online scoreboards, as a test for an online score system I may use in future games. The most current version is Unterseeboot2.exe.


I made this game in DarkBASIC in 2008 at a friend's request. It's a clone of the flash game Helicopter, in which the premise is simple - travel through a randomly generated tunnel without hitting the walls. The only control is the left mouse button - when you're not pressing it, you sink, and when you are pressing it, you rise.

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Created by Brian MacIntosh.

Comments, bug reports, questions? Send 'em over! forms@brianmacintosh.com