Music Island


Music Island is available on XBox Live Indie Games.

A PC demo can be downloaded here.


Music Island is a rhythm-based arcade-style game with generative music. In it, you must defend an island from streams of invading sea creatures by casting the appropriate spell at them on the song's beat. This action generates musical notes that build on the song's background rhythm. The game features a 10-level Story or tutorial mode, and the highscore-based Infinite mode.

In Music Island, we tackled the challenge of synchronizing gameplay and note generation with a background music track, and we had to address multitudinous issues related to our music-based gameplay, such as input lag, changing time and key signatures, and not least importantly, ensuring the game was fun and playable for the most rhythmically-untalented. Three engine switches later, we submitted the game a final time to XBox Live.


Thunderfish Entertainment:
Programming - Brian MacIntosh
Art & Design - Jacob Anderson
Sound & Music - Bryan Ploof
Project Lead - Justin Britch

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