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Mage Cage

Mage Cage title screen

Mage Cage screenshot


Mage Cage is available on the XBox Live Indie Arcade.

Listen to the soundtrack on Soundcloud.


Mage Cage is a fast-paced multiplayer brawler set in a school for wizards. Players fight by casting projectile spells at each other, and the last man standing wins. However, spells that miss their targets never leave the field. Instead, they continue to bounce around until they hit a player or another spell - creating a massive explosion!


Mage Cage was created by a team from Thunderfish Entertainment at the University of California, Irvine.

Brian MacIntosh (lead)
Alejandro Larregueta
Cameron Scully
Jason Tony Li
Jason Ames Lee
Kenneth Chong
Spencer Stephens

Allen Matni
Angela Li
Cameron Austin
Kurt Deniz
Victor Gomez

Joshua Fulmer (lead)
Brandon Gross
Kelvin Ho

SFX: Bryan Ploof
Music: Sean Gherardi
VO: Dakota Denton
VO: Rebecca Wong

Alex Naraghi

Comments, bug reports, questions? Send 'em over! forms@brianmacintosh.com